It Works – Redworks Airsoft Review

So another day another local site this time it’s the one and only Redworks Airsoft in Wrexham. If you haven’t managed to read the review on my other local site Outpost which is also about 10 miles away check that out.

Redworks is a disused brick and tile factory which has 50 acres with both indoor and outdoor areas skirmish areas.

Red is the game zones which sadly can’t be seen from the older satellite picture but includes 50 acres of mixed dense woodland, open trails, fort, outdoor and indoor CQB offering a lot of mixed game play.

Green is the safe zone including parking and toilets.

Orange is the indoor rest area, shop and chrono.

Yellow is the indoor CQB

Location 8/10

Let’s start with how to get to the site with easy access from the the A483 from Wrexham Northbound or Oswestry Southbound. Parking is all onsite located off the main road which is also pretty secluded and secure.

Facilities 4/10

The facilities are very limited with one porta loo no running water or catering facilities compared to some other local sites. The shop sells all of the essentials with rentals and ammo etc but don’t expect kit or guns. The inside / safe zone is covered but small and unable to accommodate all of the days attendees, if its inclement weather be prepared to be outside.

Game’s 7/10

The day started with the obligatory safety brief which was concise covering all site limits, grenade usage which covers everything from reusable to single use pyro. Standard UK limits for the usual AR’s 350fps, DMR 400fps and snipers 500 fps all on .20g bbs with all HPA requiring tournament lock. Games consisted on the day of finding the cash mission to defending locations for as long as possible and then swapping sides. The dense woodland gives good camouflage for campers I mean snipers, but it’s very difficult to push your way through. Many trails and paths cut through but a lot of the time tuning into a meat grinder becoming it’s slow going.

As you can see from the video below a big selling point is the fort area known as the Somme and on the day we went it has a weeks worth of rain turning it into its namesake. A lot of effort is put into the atmospherics, as it has very few neighbours a large amount of pyro rockets are used to simulate artillery etc. This adds to the scenarios increasing the emersion in games adding another level to the site.

The site’s CQB is rather small and although it’s clear a lot of effort has been put into it, only two main movement corridors allow progression from one end to the other. A lot of areas are taped off but future developments in expanding the area likely. A good point is the bomb used for defuse and arm scenarios. The bomb is not only huge compared to other sites, but functions and sounds adding a certain level of authenticity to the experience.

Personally the site has huge potential but 2 key areas let it down for me the first being the cover around the site. Strategically cover is usually made out of pallets etc but not solid so can’t be used as cover from fire. This makes it useless not promoting fire and manoeuvre advances with your team mates unlike other sites. This isn’t much of an issue on the outdoor field but indoors pointless as it creates a stand off with just exchanges of fire, something I hate. The other is the as mentioned CQB area which is way too small but hope expansion is planned.

Cost 7/10

Cost is very comparable to other sites in the area £28 for non members walk on and £23 for members. Kit hire includes G&G Raider or G&G Firehawk AEG’s, 3000x 0.25g BB’s, eye protection, face protection for £42 total. The rating is based on the cost against what is available above.

Adventure Airsoft overall rating 6/10

Overall a good site with some tweeks it could be a great site for all types of game play at a reasonable cost. Worth the trek from further afield but the plays are slightly below par compared to other local sites, would also not really recommend it for kids playing.

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