North West hidden treasure – Outpost Airsoft Review

Outpost Airsoft and Paintball is not only the closest site to me but also in my opinion the best North West Airsoft site and i’ll tell you why.

Outpost is nestled in Lower Kinnerton on the English and Welsh border and run by Jono and team. You will never meet a friendly bunch at any site and because of that it encourages a huge diverse community.

The site has good parking off the main road, a large covered rest area, good hot food and drink as well as HPA air hookup. All game areas are at the most a 1 min walk from the central rest area and hub.

Right the important stuff next, game zones which have all been sampled many times. Although I’ve grouped the zones some games play across them and during paintball split into much smaller zones but these are usually the airsoft layouts.

Zone 1

I call this the bridge too far due to bloody great bridge towards one end of the area. Players start at the end to the left and right of the picture and go through a small CQB complex of sheds as well as some high open ground. The game supports most styles of play from sniper to support and I just love this heavy mix of different structures.

Zone 2

Zone 2 I call the field which resembles more of a speed soft arena made out of strategically placed tyres allowing some fast paced game play. To be successful in this zone you need to work together as a team and remember no movement without fire, fire and manoeuvre only.

Zone 3/4

Zone 3 is the L shaped arena also known as Lego not sure why really but it’s quite quirky and offers some good plays. Made up of strategic placed sheds, containers and a home made Soviet missile launcher that doesn’t disappoint but it can at times lead to a Mexican stand off which I hate. At times zone 4 a pure CQB area is incorporated into zone 4 games. This gives a completely different dimension and allows for some meat grinder face off’s at close quarters.

Zone 5

Zone 5 is the oldest and most unique part of the site as it used to house anti aircraft guns, now their bunkers host a defend and attack timed game which is narrow but fast paced.

All in all i’m sure you will agree the site hosts some great games but it’s not just the action and games that’s fantastic time and time again. The site offers opportunity for younger first time players with kids paintball and Kidsoft which shows in the numbers of kids playing airsoft when they can. Honestly I have never been to a site that has the depth of youth playing either at a weekend or midweek evening games.

Outpost are nurturing the next line of airsoft and paintball skirmishers like no other. If you’r up near North Wales and up for a skirmish you need to check them out.

Site location 9/10

Easily accessible from the A55, Wrexham and Queens Ferry and approximately 20 min from Chester. Good parking and access into the safe area.

Facilities 10/10

The site has a great covered rest area central to the game zones with toilets, hot food and free HPA fill. The site shop has all the usual ammo and pyro anyone can ever need plus pouches and a small selection of new and used guns to buy all a good prices.

Game’s 10/10

The game’s are fantastic always well run with great marshals and a well mixed level of players. The games last about 30-40 min or some times shorter dependant if its a timed game, usually with a break after each game back at the safe zone. As the safe zone’s only a min away it allows a little break for a brew or bomb up removing the need to carry too much on the field. This way you end up with lots of smaller different games over the day breaking up the action.

Cost 10/10

Non members £30 and Members £20 with kit hire £15 if you need it. The price is comparable with pretty much all UK sites and as it offers free HPA, i’m all over it.

Adventure Airsoft site rating 10/10

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