Do Suppressors work?

Well in short of course they work on real firearms but do they work in Airsoft. Many players have mock suppressors giving that authentic look but they do add a decent amount of weight. Sadly the weight they add is in the wrong place right at the front making it front heavy so there is a balancing act with them.

Other than mock suppressors there isn’t much for choice regarding real working suppressors in Airsoft, the ones that are available tend to be expensive.

There’s hope though with a decent enough range and price from Nuprol which is what i’m going to be talking about here.

Nuprol BOCCA BOA suppressor short 13cm in length

Cost typically


Nuprol BOCCA BOA suppressor long 17cm in length

Cost typically


So I chose the Bocca short which helps keep my build around the 27 inches or 69 cm in length, perfect for CQB and still enough to use the range of the mighty MTW.

The Bocca or BOA comes with suppressor and metal flash hider ready to mount.

Construction of the suppressor is very good with knurling at either end made to look like welds similar to the surefire suppressors. The finish is good with a Matt feel perfect for a re spray if you want to. When unscrewed the cylinder has and inner tube which buts up to a large spring then the cap. Wrapped around the spring is the wadding or in this case foam suppressant material.

The suppressor easily breaks down into 4 main parts with the locking collar, main body, suppressor material and then end cap.

The construction of the locking collar is good and easy to lock onto the muzzle with a slick 1/5 of a turn followed by an audible click. It’s very sturdy when fitted and feels higher quality than the price suggests.


So what does it actually do, as it happens quite a lot as you can see from the video below. It reduces the noise being emitted from my Wolverine MTW by 28%, it doesn’t make it completely silent but takes the significant crack way. I think maybe with a bit of refinement and testing some different materials it may be quieter.

Overall rating 9/10

Overall the cost is great, build quality unexpectedly high and the range is good. The only think I would like from Nuprol is for them to make a Bocca with an in build tracer that can be quickly swapped on the gun. But wait out for that as i’m on it. The diameter of the suppressor cylinder is 3.2cm and a lot of small tracers are 3cm so with a sleeve it will be perfect for a tracer.

As nuprol is widely available it’s perfect for CQB or DMR builds with different lengths offering great choice, Nuprol have done a great job and definitely got my attention.

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