Battle of the Phoenix – Sherwood Forest Phoenix Airsoft Review

Fellow cake eaters this is a review of one of the UK’s top sites but don’t just take my word for it. You just need to look at the Airsoft Royalty to see that it’s loved by all and here’s why.

The site is located in Sherwood Forest and isn’t too far from where I grew up having spend a bit of time either walking around the Forest, playing paint ball or going to Centre parks. Although it was my first time skirmishing at the site it was pretty epic.

The site offers multiple game zones from a tight CQB kill house, thick vegetation, wooded village and even a trench system. It’s a site that really caters for everyone and every player level. What really surprised me was how good the staff and marshals were from giving game briefs to supporting players with issues, I also feel the right mix of marshals to players was spot on.

The safety brief

The safety brief takes place at the main drag which as you can see hosts the payers for the day while the head marshal gives the safety brief from an elevated position. Perfect to ensure all participants can see who’s boss but also to see anyone not listening, natterers were called out which was good to see.

Safety brief

The brief was given with the right amount of humour and serious specifics and took approximately 20-25 min. Specifics regarding the terrain were given for first timers on what to expect and prepare for. I can say as the woodland is as you can imagine extremely old and well established. The woodland floor has good drainage thanks to the ferns and seemed despite a week of heavy rain showed very little flooding.

The site offers a well stocked shop with the usual ammo, pyro but also a decent amount of accessories for weapons including sights and rails. Next to the ammo shed was a kit store much like a Quartermasters, having a heathy stock of clothing, PPE and pouches etc. The store is ran by Walkers in Mansfield and if they don’t have it they can get it so check them out.

The half time food was home made chips and a burger which was very well priced at £5 and delicious, well worth the stop. Sadly the only criticism I have is that as a HPA player there was no filling station probably due to it not being a paintball site. Just come prepared and your sorted.

First game

The first game was the Kill house which was a large amount of containers and pre fabricated buildings in a dip over looked by high ground, offering fire support for attackers. Fighting was intense in near black conditions with good layout and multiple movement corridors preventing bunching. check out the action below.


Our objective for our team was to take the FOB and G&T in search for a flag which we need to take back to our spawn point. The fob is surrounded by dense ferns and multiple routes up to and around the objective. The FOB is made out of tin and sounds great under fire from the attackers or if your defending providing great game play.

We were lucky enough not to loose a game all day and be supported by Kicking Mustang who was quite interesting and a pleasure to skirmish with. After finding the flag we proceeded to move to G&T via the dense woodland supported by snipers.

Put the bunny back in the box or compound

The final game of the day was epic probably the best game |I’ve had despite running out of ammo. The area for this one was the trench system highlighted on the map and known as the wasteland. Our objective was to attack the defended trench system and get a bunny, thats right a fluffy bunny back into the enemy compound. The bunny had to be placed into all of the trenches on his journey to the compound. The enemy had 5 lives then dead, we had medics and a rolling re spawn which was a marshal level with the last taken trench.

The system had plenty of obstacles promoting fire and manoeuvre through the trenches with sniper and support weapons in tow. Check out the action below from a great day and game.

A later trench clearing attack when I was down to my pistol

Site Results

Site location 9/10

Easily accessible from the M1 if your traveling North or South its easy to get to with ample parking.

Facilities 8/10 (HPA air hookup would give it 10)

The site amenities are great with plenty of power for charging, good layout out along the main drag into the rest area with ample toilet facilities. Site food is great with friendly staff. But no HPA fill station just stop’s the magical 10.

Game’s 10/10

The game’s are fantastic and not your usual defend or attack but with added secondary objectives or fall back options. So overall the site has exceptional game areas which is run well with clear objectives. Some sites I’ve been to recently don’t have clear objective or make it unnecessarily over complicated. A good balance of injected fun with a serious bit of content. As the site is enclosed with gates they offer a weekend camp as, which is definitely something I’ll be doing to get 2 full days of action as a good price.

Cost 10/10

I paid £30 as a walk on and think it’s well priced for the site for what it offered me in action. They offer a wide range of kit or rent at reasonable prices allowing new comers to try different weapons before they make a purchase which is not provided at many other sites. Prices below are from the website at the time of writing.

Status 10/10

Into celebrity Airsofters look no further this site is regularly attended by Kicking Mustang and Names Nicco, so get stuck in and pray you not on the wrong side of Kicking himself.

Adventure Airsoft site rating 9/10

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