Introduce Myself

I started this journey after leaving the UK’s premier Formation Reconnaissance Regiment The Royal Lancers. I spent 15 years in The Royal Lancers serving all over the world on some of the most amazing vehicles.

I originally started my career on Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks and deployed with them in their last active deployment in Iraq. Later the Regiment re-rolled into a Formation Reconnaissance role, from being at the front line to working very much behind it was a shock.

Formation Reconnaissance core role is to fundamentally work between 50 – 150km behind enemy lines, gathering intelligence and passing it back in a timely manner for further operations to be conducted.

Why Airsoft?

After leaving as a Sergeant a Senior Non Commissioned Officer I was struggling with civilian adjustment after being medically discharged with injuries.

I missed a lot of aspects of the Army culture and after a friend from my new civilian work finally got me to go Airsoft I found out what.

I missed the camaraderie in action which was usually the offensive actions on exercise or Operations and the use of weapons.

Like many other service leavers Airsoft gives me:

  • A sense of being with a team and like minded individuals
  • A place to exercise my skills learnt while serving
  • A great mental health boost which genuinely supports my daily well being
  • Later a place to help others with advice on tactics, kit and equipment layouts. This prompted the site and other actions which in turn helps my well being.

This site will be my home for all of the above and future exiting plans I have for my Airsoft Adventures around the country.

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