What Airsoft goggles not to buy – FMA fan goggles

Hi fellow cake eaters,

This review was very short lived approximately 20 min to be honest. The widely sold FMA anti fog fan assisted goggles are interesting to say the least.

Let’s start with with construction of the box which was solid well textured with a soft inner to protect the goggles.

The goggles themselves have a decent quality feel to the construction and elastic with a decent colour choice of tan and green, but some serious design issues. The fit around the face is actually very good with the seamless foam pad but they have to be worn on the outside of any head gear due to the immovable battery box.

The elastic houses a channel for the power cable that runs to the battery box with an on/off button that you can accidentally activate. The battery compartment has a screw cap thats supposed to be water tight but as you can see on the video leaves a gap and it’s not captive so you can loose it.

Battery pack can not be moved at all along the elastic, preventing it being worn under a cap or boonie etc but must be worn over it. For me this wasn’t an issue as I wear a fast lid but can see it being an issue for others.

Battery is a single 1.5v AA which seams under power for the fan, airflow isn’t enough for skirmishing at any rate.

Construction quality overall was good and have to say as you will see from the video very comfortable, sadly thats where the good points end. The goggles did a very poor job of staying fog free in a warm UK day at 13°c no rain and lasted 20 min see video for results.

I bought the goggles to do a comparison to a pair I was designing to look at what I would do differently and following their limited success as it turns out i’d do quite a lot differently. In conclusion avoid at all costs and find a good dual layer or mesh for best results. Following the poor results form the game they went straight back to Amazon for a refund to spend on a mystery box which was a big win so check that out.

If you wish to try them out for yourself the link is here, happy airsofting and please subscribe to our Youtube channel for more upcoming content below.

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