Tippman Tactical RECON AEG CQB 6″ stubby – In game Review

What’s up fellow cake eaters this is was a rather impromptu review when I lent out my Tippmann Carbine HPA to a friend, he had had this little number. New and unused I decided it would be a nice little review in-game instead of a room like most. 

The gun is rather sweet but weighty at 2.2 kg for a shorty which I like because weight gives it a stronger feel.

The weapon is stock out of the box literally I didn’t even have a spare sling so it was straight into the game. Gun is as you would expect from Tippmann with a very good quality feel and solid construction.

Lets go tip to butt, flash hider is a nice look with the usual M14x1.0 CCW for a suppressor which would look good on this. Aesthetics is like nearly all M4 variants but what’s really nice is Tippmann included 3 additional MLOK picatinny rails you can place where you want on the surprisingly roomy hand guard. I top full length pic rail front half in aluminium and rear part of the upper receiver made out of polymer also allows endless accessory options.

Stock buffer tube is aluminium and standard fixings allowing endless opportunities for aftermarket alternatives, personally I liked the stock I’m never one to change them as they serve little purpose like real firearms. Quality of the stock and grip were good with a nice comfortable feel with or without gloves.

I didn’t do a drop test as it wasn’t mine but I’m confident if I did it would perform unscathed. Battery used was a 11.1v LiPo as instructed with the Mosfet which performed well with a nice snappy trigger on single, automatic was also snappy (see video at 1m 59sec). Selector had a nice slick click into place so you can feel when its changed with gloves.

Magazines used were a mix of Nuprol and Tippman midcaps as used with my Tippmann HPA V2 which fit well and would if wished drop out once released. Only issue experienced was with feed occasionally dry firing which I don’t experience with the same mags on my V2. Not sure why but it may just be new and a little tight overall I would if owned not really change a thing except for dialling in the hop and adding some personal accessories.

Review summary

  • Price – can be found for sub £100 with some looking so 4 out of 5
  • Ergonomics – Great compact size and useful features for accessories but slightly heavy compared to competitors 4 out of 5
  • Build – Solid Tippmann build on par with HPA variants in my opinion so 5 out of 5
  • Performance and reliability – Snappy response, MOSFET from new and chronoed at 345fps out of the box on 0.2g was punchy but experienced a few misfeeds not ideal. 3 out of 5
  • Overall rating 4 out of 5, great balance of price and performance with good solid build I would and am seriously thinking about this as a CQB alternative. I would highly recommend this for amateurs or experienced players as its potential is high.

Game-day was at the excellent First and Only Anzio camp near Leek its a must so check it out.

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