Wolverine MTW long term review

My weapon of choice is the Wolverine MTW Billet 7″ standard generation 1 which i’ve owned for just over 7 months as I write this. I purchased it to replace an epic hard working Tippmann carbine CQB HPA, so it had big boots to fill. Why replace the Tippy with the MTW? Simple answer isContinue reading “Wolverine MTW long term review”

Hells Airsoft – Site Review

So Hell’s Airsoft is located in Derby just of the A50 with great access from either the M6 or M1. The site is located on a farm with good ample parking and overflow for the busy days. Safety Brief The brief was well conducted with a video to ensure nothing is left out and finishedContinue reading “Hells Airsoft – Site Review”

Do Suppressors work?

Well in short of course they work on real firearms but do they work in Airsoft. Many players have mock suppressors giving that authentic look but they do add a decent amount of weight. Sadly the weight they add is in the wrong place right at the front making it front heavy so there isContinue reading “Do Suppressors work?”