Phoenix Airsoft Site – First impressions Review

Phoenix Airsoft is my favourite site to skirmish so far, a 180 acres located in Robin Hood country Sherwood Forest Mansfield. The site has easy access if your attending from the North or South via the M1, parking is plentiful under the canopy of some of the oldest trees in the country.

The site offers some truly unique skirmish areas to suit all types of gameplay from dense woodland, CQB and a massive trench system. Don’t just take my word for it watch some footage for yourself below firstly with the kill house.

Safety Brief

The safety brief was conducted from the top of an iso container to ensure everyone attending can see but also so the Marshall can prompt people who are not listening. The brief was very professional with humour in the right places keeping people’s attention but I was really impressed with the attention to detail with game brief and marshalling throughout the day.

A covered rest area is to the rear (just out of picture) past the briefing tower with complimentary tea / coffee and power for any charging requirements. Any technical issues are supported from the on site team, a well stocked shop had everything from the expected pyro, smoke and ammo to a small selection of new guns to hop up parts.

Next to the weapon shop the kit store selling eye pro and almost any camo clothing you can think of, run by the great team at Walkers Surplus based in Mansfield if they don’t have it they can probably get it so check them out. The kit shown was good quality used items at reasonable prices with a good selection.

The games

The games at Phoenix were exceptional they are well briefed, well marshalled and site well maintained. Below is a link to my first game in the Kill house where we first attacked and then after a quick turnaround defended for as long as we can.

Following the Kill House we moved into the woods for a few games around the FOB, G&T and the Village supported by an Airsoft celebrity Kicking Mustang. What I loved about the games is that we had a strong contingent of snipers on each team, who really got into their role of sniping and support.

As the site is in Sherwood forest it goes without saying that you need good boots with ankle protection, mainly due to the logs, dead fall and foliage. As most of the games are under the huge tree canopy I’m told unless Its a major downpour your fairly well covered unlike some other sites.

The last game of the day was a corker set at the trench system which adds a new dimension which few other sites have. The attack and defend scenario played very well with a twist of getting a VIP Bunny (aka flopsy) into the enemy compound. See for your self the game link below.

The mid day break was comparable to other site times which was 1 hour and again complimentary tea / coffee was provided. The food on offer ranged from pot noodle to burgers chips which I can vouch for was well priced and made fresh.

When getting back to the action after the break we went into a solid game in the village which is a well laid out urban rural warfare mix. The village buildings are positioned in a valley with higher ground either side perfect for sniper support. I think they have the mix of attack and defend scenarios just right with ample room and cover placed for flanking. For less active skirmishers the distance from the safe zone to games is relatively short as the safe zone is quite central.

With regards to site safety I previously mentioned the brief is well thought out and concise but when exiting a game the marshals do a pre exit check. The check consists of them witnessing three AEG/HPA shots without the mag and visually checking pistols are mag free which was a great way of instilling clear gun drills for the younger audience and protecting all site users. Again very well managed, I wish other sites were as thorough as Phoenix.

The site overall rating was based on my experience and It’s a site I will definitely be going to again. The only thing I could think of that would not make it a 10 is it doesn’t have a HPA fill station but that’s being picky. Thoroughly recommend it get yourself there It’s fantastic.

Site review rating 9/10

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