My Kit

Links to all of the kit I use are below the brief description, take a look.

Nuprol FAST helmet

I’ve always worn helmets while serving either on exercise or on operations, so it feels natural to continue to wear one just a lighter one. Helmets are much more functional than people think when pushing through undergrowth or through windows it protects your head from unwanted bumps. Also allows comfortable mounting of a head cam / lights etc.

UBACS (Under Body Armour Combat Shirt) Bulldog Rogue

I use this particular UBACS as I’ve used the brand before on operations and they lived to tell the tale. Bulldog are a good mix of cost and durability, sitting between the like’s of cheap Kombat and Clawgear, performing as well as Claw in my opinion and last unlike Kombat. The top I use is the Rogue full MTP so I can use it as pictured with a cut down belt kit and still have some camouflage. I can then use it with a plate carrier supporting two load out’s for one price. They wash well, rip stop material, have a small collar, zip pockets on either arm with velcro patch, breathable mesh under arms helping to keep you cool and adjustable hero cuffs what’s not to like.

Combat trousers Bulldog Rogue mk2 MTP

As per the UBACS comments Bulldog is my preferred brand It’s British and wears well for a good price. Key features are a velcro top fastener, drawstring adjuster for rubber knee pads (included), right thigh what I use it for a pistol mag pocket when unloaded, large thigh map pockets with adjusters and velcro bottom adjusters.


I use two different pairs of goggles based on a lot of experience and trials during serving and Airsoft. Nuprol small mesh for rain and really bright days. Holds up in all weather so obviously no fogging etc, cheap and fit well.

Pyramex Safety I-Force have a great fit and double glazing which so far eliminate fogging but suffer in extremely bright sunlight due to the dual layer.

Face / teeth guard / snood

If you value your teeth you need one of Delta Mike’s snoods. These are lovingly made by hand in North Wales and offer face and more importantly teeth protection from an internal mesh plate. The plate sits below the nose and has large enough holes to breath easily which helps reduce fogging, protects your tegs and adds a level of camouflage. They are very breathable, light, incredibly durable and available in 16 colours for the nominal fee of £22.

Mechanix fast fit gloves

Gloves are very important to me as I have premature arthritis in my hands so heavy use in inclement weather reduces their grip and hurt. These gloves are probably the best I’ve found for dexterity and warmth. They have a thin palm for feel and if wet or damp dry out very quickly. Come with a loop to connect to a belt where they live when not fitted.

Altberg Defender boots

I almost get obsessed about boots and apart from goggles they are the most important bit of kit. We have literally hundreds of brands to tempt you but only 2 have my vote. Altberg Defenders made in Northallerton North Yorkshire were the go to boot for the Army before the MOD bought them in because everyone was using them. My boots pictured are over 10 years old offering great ankle support, warmth and a self cleaning Vibram sole. If you take care of them they will probably outlast you. They can be found below on the link or in any surplus store used for a good price and the only heavy wear tends to be the sole which you can get replaced.

Aku Pilgrim boots

If you don’t mind spending a bit more for the ultimate comfort support and durability, look no further than the Aku line of boots. The small hearty Italian company made their name making boots for frog men and SF all over the world. Eventually all arms of the military adopted them until 2016 when the UK military trialled them for general issue. The Pilgrims differ from the one I used to use as they have a higher ankle support and a self cleaning Vibram sole. Personally used them on many exercises in Canada and Kenya for months on end giving the best comfort and durability I have

ever used in a boot. Now they are issued you can find good used examples online for £40 – £100 or surplus stores. New they retail at around £200 but in my opinion well worth it. The exterior construction is a 3d woven nylon technology giving amazing abrasion resistance only needing a brush off unlike leather constructed books which require maintenance.

Main Belt kit

My belt kit is an extension of me and I carry no shit I won’t use and no stuff for show. Main pad is an issued osprey pad and belt clip which can be found usually with Osprey pouches cheap in surplus stores. I use 4 Osprey single open pouches on my LHS. Centre rear an Osprey utility pouch perfect for a 48CI HPA bottle and for a small admin/ammo pouch an Osprey first aid pouch because it has zips and internal sections. Grenade pouch RHS has an Osprey frag grenade pouch because it has a big clip which can be opened one handed.

If you have any kit questions please ask me directly below and I will get back to ASAP