Wolverine MTW long term review

My weapon of choice is the Wolverine MTW Billet 7″ standard generation 1 which i’ve owned for just over 7 months as I write this. I purchased it to replace an epic hard working Tippmann carbine CQB HPA, so it had big boots to fill. Why replace the Tippy with the MTW? Simple answer isContinue reading “Wolverine MTW long term review”

Tippmann Carbine A2 – Long Term review

So fellow Cake eaters this one is from the heart, sadly after writing this I was forced to sell my beloved Tippman Carbine. The good news is the accompanied videos, words and memories will live on. So first things first, why did I buy a the Tippmann Carbine CQB? Well that’s easy after resurrecting myContinue reading “Tippmann Carbine A2 – Long Term review”