Best Budget £30 mystery boxes UK

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Well I never was a fan of unboxing videos on the world wide web until they were random. Randomness seems to add that little hint of uncertainty if the opener (person unboxing stuff) gets a box on lemons. I think the budget box is a mystery box that costs no more than £30 without P&P as most add that on at the checkout.

I have done some research and found a few airsoft online and actual shops that sell them so here you go.

Box 1 is from Socom Tactical are from Fleet in Hampshire based out of a nice looking shop. Sadly not had the pleasure of visiting yet but I will if i’m ever passing.

So Socom tactical box had some decent kit and in the end from a £30 box came out with £42.

  • 2 x team Socom tactical armbands
  • Kombat multicam cap
  • Kombat fingerless multicam gloves
  • Kombat quad mag multicam mag pouches

Box or bag 2 is from Extreme Airsoft is a shop and online seller selling over 20 of the leading airsoft brands. If they don’t sell it, it probably doesn’t exist.

This was a big win and such a surprise to spend £35 with P&P and getting just under £80 back. A Tectonic Neutron worth £70 and a pack of Fiocchi 209. primers to use right away.

It goes to show you can really profit from a mystery box if your willing to take the risk, it is fun though not knowing what you might get.

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