Phoenix Total Combat – New Airsoft site in the North West

This review is kind of premature due to the fact that although it’s opened it’s also undergoing many changes weekly. All my findings are based on the the first Bomb Up Airsoft operated game, the site is largely untouched from previous use. A direct quote form Bomb Up Airsoft themselves “Based in Warrington, Cheshire, PhoenixContinue reading “Phoenix Total Combat – New Airsoft site in the North West”

Hells Airsoft – Site Review

So Hell’s Airsoft is located in Derby just of the A50 with great access from either the M6 or M1. The site is located on a farm with good ample parking and overflow for the busy days. Safety Brief The brief was well conducted with a video to ensure nothing is left out and finishedContinue reading “Hells Airsoft – Site Review”

Do Suppressors work?

Well in short of course they work on real firearms but do they work in Airsoft. Many players have mock suppressors giving that authentic look but they do add a decent amount of weight. Sadly the weight they add is in the wrong place right at the front making it front heavy so there isContinue reading “Do Suppressors work?”

Tippmann Carbine A2 – Long Term review

So fellow Cake eaters this one is from the heart, sadly after writing this I was forced to sell my beloved Tippman Carbine. The good news is the accompanied videos, words and memories will live on. So first things first, why did I buy a the Tippmann Carbine CQB? Well that’s easy after resurrecting myContinue reading “Tippmann Carbine A2 – Long Term review”

How to help get kids into Airsoft

Right this ones immensely important for the future of Airsoft. How do we bring kids into the sport and what is the best introduction. Personally I believe, if kids show interest towards Airsoft or Paintball etc following the likes of Fortnite or Call of Duty then we should encourage it. The question is how? AsContinue reading “How to help get kids into Airsoft”

It Works – Redworks Airsoft Review

So another day another local site this time it’s the one and only Redworks Airsoft in Wrexham. If you haven’t managed to read the review on my other local site Outpost which is also about 10 miles away check that out. Redworks is a disused brick and tile factory which has 50 acres with bothContinue reading “It Works – Redworks Airsoft Review”

North West hidden treasure – Outpost Airsoft Review

Outpost Airsoft and Paintball is not only the closest site to me but also in my opinion the best North West Airsoft site and i’ll tell you why. Outpost is nestled in Lower Kinnerton on the English and Welsh border and run by Jono and team. You will never meet a friendly bunch at anyContinue reading “North West hidden treasure – Outpost Airsoft Review”

Battle of the Phoenix – Sherwood Forest Phoenix Airsoft Review

Fellow cake eaters this is a review of one of the UK’s top sites but don’t just take my word for it. You just need to look at the Airsoft Royalty to see that it’s loved by all and here’s why. The site is located in Sherwood Forest and isn’t too far from where IContinue reading “Battle of the Phoenix – Sherwood Forest Phoenix Airsoft Review”