Action camera hack

This hack is all about trying to get the most out of your action camera wether its a GoPro, Polaroid, Olfi or a 10 Aldi camera it doesn’t matter this will help.

If you want to watch the video instead of reading this just click on the link below.

The trick was initially passed down to me about 19 Years ago when I started basic training in sunny Harrogate Yorkshire in the Army Foundation College. My Platoon Corporal showed the trick to get mirrors and peak caps extra shiny using shaving foam of all things.

It’s something i’ve been using ever since and decided to share it with you but it must be shaving gel not shaving foam for some reason it doesn’t work as well. You simply apply a small pea size to you action camera lens and move it around to cover the lens, once foamed just wipe it off with a soft cloth.

It will not only help repel dirt and grime from sticking but most importantly provide a water repellent coating preventing those water marks all over the lens. Once used out and about you you can top up or re apply it next time you use the camera. As I said it works great on mirrors to prevent them steaming up too.

The other hack in the video challenges lens covers like Xclear (other brands are available) which is a hydrophobic layered coating that prevents foreign objects sticking and scratching the lens. Now they can be expensive the GoPro one I used as a comparison in the video was about £20 and doesn’t work as well as it should.

The hack is the use of an anti fog rainproof hydrophobic film designed for vehicle mirrors and windows that repels water leaving a clear view. They can be bought very cheap from eBay usually between £3-5 (here) for two sheets as seen in my video, sadly these are from China and can take a while to appear. Alternatively Amazon (here) has the Prime next day facility if your in a rush.

They both easy to fit like a phone screen protector and can be replaced without damaging the lens. A point note clearly the anti fog film will protect the lens to some degree but the gel wont at all. If you’r in the market to try both some links to the products are below from sheets I use to a competitor to Xclear and then xclear themselves.

Products mentioned in post:

Xclear competitor from Amazon quick delivery

Cheaper anti fog sheets

XClear hydrophobic protection

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