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Right then fellow cake eaters this is where it gets serious reviewing the game locations is not easy. I’ll try not to offend sites and the opinions are my own from what I experienced when attending the game days, I can assure you i’m not sponsored by anyone or site.

The site today is a very local one to me only 12 miles away nestled on the English and Welsh boarder near Wrexham. Run by Jono and his other half it very much has the feel of a of a family run site but not in a bad way at all.

The whole team are extremely helpful so much so when I made the switch from AEG to HPA I just tipped up mid week to ask a few questions, not only were they very knowledgable they helped dial the gun in on the range. I’ve seen every time I play their unrivalled kindness and dedication to help all players.

The site always has very mixed player abilities and I would say because of the kind welcoming nature it actually attracts more new players than i’ve seen in other sites. Whats really nice is the age of the new players, when mid week games are on it attracts a decent amount of kids and young teenagers.

The site is varied with midweek and weekend games of paintball, airsoft and even under 12’s paintball helping get more kids into the sport. The safe zone is the central hub which all of the game zones branch off making an emergency ammo run or air refill a short jog away. It also means a brew break between games can be had from the on site catering.

As you can see from the map the area is vast and i’ve split it up into zones for games that i’ve played so although these change every time you go it is a rough guide to what you can expect. Check the game footage

Zone 1 is a right old mix of CQB, funnel sections a bridge and church / grave yard. It’s mostly set up where opposing teams start either end and have to capture the other base of holdout until last man standing. either way it provides a multitude of routes for attackers and snipers to support from either end.

Zone 2 in the centre of the site is a fast almost speedball area made out of tyres I call it pinball which promotes a faster fire and manoeuvre style game play. Personally I like this area, if you have some good suppression it can be a quick game though. At the far end to the right of the picture it has a bunker with roof nest usually saved for the end of the day to see how long you can hold it for last man alive territory.

Zone 3 is a much more open field with sporadic buildings for cover but tends to be a much slower stand off style game. I always seem to play this field in the wet and its gets really boggy in places, not bothering me being ex forces I come well prepared but others tend to stop at the sight of a lot of mud and water. It’s usually a shorter game before lunch if the L shape is not used, although I’m not a fan it does break up the day a little.

Zone 4 centre is speed ball blow up arena but around the edge is a massive circular CQB site which has been developed and is still being developed into a fantastic game. It has lots of nooks and crannies to hide and hold ground, it favours the brave sometimes and has some great watchtowers for snipers.

Zone 5 is all about the sites roots as a former cold war site with bunkers and trenches. A elevated area to the top of the picture gives a nice attack and defend game allowing sneaky attackers to use the trenches and bunkers as cover. It’s been developed recently in bring it back to life and gives a unique historic game most sites don’t have.

Finally the sites has some truly amazing artefacts from Stalwarts, Land rovers, old drop tanks and even an old Air to Air drone target all to give more of an authentic feel. There is cover literally everywhere if you choose to use it just check with a marshal first if its in play. The marshals are always very helpful, chatty and encouraging for the younger players it really does a great job of balancing big action scenarios with the younger novice players. The site has many covered rest areas with charge points and if you use HPA like me charging facilities that are free. Onsite catering is good with the choice of a pot noodle to a jacket potato’s etc it does the job. Site shop offers the usual airsoft accessories, pyro, ammo with some weaponry but its not a huge shop and can get very busy between matches especially with paintball and airsoft on at the same time.

Summary a great independent site which caters for all abilities and ages, has a great mix of game areas and staff it’s by far my favourite site so far and its only 12 mile from me. So give those independant site’s some love and go have a game it’s worth the travel time.

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