Project Part 2 – An unexpected turn

So the fiasco of the anticipated delivery which UPS contributed didn’t go well. Novritsch also had a part to play with poor packaging of the items inside the box.

I was informed by Novritsch to wait 20 odd days for UPS to conduct a thorough investigation. Which unless they were very secretive didn’t happen as I received no contact from them, after the wait I re-engaged with Novritsch.

Novritsch then finally told me they were happy to refund me, not re sending the items I was missing. As I actually wanted the stuff I ordered I requested that I was just re sent the missing items but in better packaging.

With a hefty back and forth regarding why it was not possible to just re send the items I settled for a refund as a store credit note. This however didn’t work as I had to inform them they didn’t include postage and I wasn’t prepared to pay for it again. Once that was added the blasted code only showed 95% of what I was owed and they couldn’t get it to work right.

As all of the back and forth was happening over the course of two weeks with no items, I ended up buying the major items from a UK supplier.

Defcon Airsoft based in Stoke on Trent in the UK has a decent amount of Novritsch stock, covering the main items and latest guns. In my case I was able to order the missing suppressor, flash hiders, kill flash and 11.1v battery to allow me to play.

The items were almost the same price, postage was cheaper and the packaging much better arriving in just 2 days.

After all that I managed to get what I wanted on the SSR4 for it’s first game which you can see below.

I finally received my refund after the game and decided to add a few extras to the original order beefing some bits up. If you know me and my content I like mesh goggles but tried a few different types of anti fog, some with a fan some with double glazing but with the same poor results.

With a recent surge in anti fog fan assisted goggles I decided to try Novritsch as their price of €49 is very competitive compared to Xfog at over £70. With all of the Novritsch kit the design is done in house and looks better, seems more user friendly and attaches well.

Anti fog unit looks solid comes with charge cable, tubes and goggle magnetic fast connector. Unit Velcro’s directly to the Novritsch helmet cover which is covered in part 1.

To go with the anti fog unit I bough a set of Novritsch goggles at €23 which again was designed to be used in conjunction with their helmet and anti fog unit.

For all of the juicy bits and exactly what they look like how they work see part 2 link below.

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