The Project – Part 1

So after deciding what gun would be the main part of the project, I ordered a job lot from one place.

I looked high and low for the right place but settled with Novritsch, a fairly new Airsoft seller but one that’s made a big impact over the last few years.

I settled with them because their kit looked a little different, seemed a fair price and was all under one roof.

The kit I ordered

  • Novritsch SSG4 full metal
  • LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) 1-4 x variable scope
  • Kill flash
  • 11.1v lipo to go with the SSR
  • Fast attach suppressor
  • Additional flash hider for suppressor (use on MTW)

After eagerly anticipating the delivery ordered at the beginning of October 2022, it was finally delivered at the end of November. It was however, not what I expecting with the box badly damaged.

After the grand opening It was confirmed I was missing some, most of the items I was eagerly anticipating. The kill flash, 11.1v lipo, additional kill flash and the suppressor were missing.

Catch up here

With the disappointment and an impending game I was forced to purchase some of the specific Novritsch kit from a UK supplier (Defcon Airsoft). Defcon had almost the same prices but with free shipping so it was a no brainer. After contacting Novritsch I was informed an investigation would take 21 days with UPS and then it could get sorted.

21 days passed and Novritsch stated It’s lost, although UPS investigations were still ongoing. Either way the gun was tested with mixed results which will be posted shortly.

Every day is a school day and the rest of the parts will come together, more up dates soon.

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