The project – Pre Part 1

We all like a project and I don’t see airsoft like other sports, I cant imagine spending hrs honing cricket kit or fishing rods with a set of webbing in front of me it will last all day long. You can just buy a gun off the shelf add a battery, air tank or gas and then play without much else now days. Accessories now days are not just reserved for the military, you can get anything in use at reasonable prices.

To get the most out of your RIF you might need to experiment with different accessories. I always believe less is more and if you don’t need it don’t carry it. For me it even applies for the weapon, if you don’t need an accessory on it don’t waste effort in carrying it.

My current RIF is a beast a Wolverine MTW forged 7 inch which has been nothing but a joy to use. Very limited upgrades include:

  • Nuprol Bocca short working suppressor (Video Here)
  • Personally designed 3d printed front grip
  • Theta Optics reflex
  • Go Pro off set aluminium mount rail and standard Go Pro mount
  • 30mm Anker power bank for session gun cam
  • Personal paint scheme in 3 colour Krylon paint
  • Fabric tape on the grip

I’ve never been a RIF collector but I now find myself wanting to change things up slightly. I bought a KWA 2.5 T6 Ronin just as a spare gun, if anything happened to my Wolverine I could still continue the days activities.

Although the KWA is similar in size it’s lightyears away in performance and not really a valid spare with limitations.

The project

The Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) with a longer barrel, better optics adding more punch over longer ranges.

The trusted carbine rifle with a longer barrel and lots of space for mission specific accessories. The mainstay for many airsofters and by far the most common weapon type and platform in use. Allowing single and full auto with a decent range.

Many have a DMR or carbine in their setups and my project is to initially have a cross over between the two. So what am I after….

  • A longer barrelled rifle compared to my CQB with a carbine length
  • Initial output at 350fps on .20g to enable closer engagements with UK wide site use. Once stable and proven fps increased to specific DMR levels
  • Better optics for longer engagements with the introduction of a Low Power Variable Optics (LPVO) scope. Scope can be used at multiple ranges of engagement and flicked quickly.
  • Electronic fire selection for 350fps auto and single shot only programmed for DMR use as and when required

Soon you will see the majority of the new build and why I went with the brand I have. Stay tuned on the channel here for the latest updates and don’t forget to add some comments, I reply to as many as I can.

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