Wolverine MTW long term review

My weapon of choice is the Wolverine MTW Billet 7″ standard generation 1 which i’ve owned for just over 7 months as I write this. I purchased it to replace an epic hard working Tippmann carbine CQB HPA, so it had big boots to fill.

Why replace the Tippy with the MTW? Simple answer is I wanted a bespoke HPA rifle in a CQB size short barrel that would perform out of the box keeping up with much longer HPA engines with added exceptional build quality.

As you can see from the unboxing video below it wasn’t a good start, with poor presentation and contents I was a little worried. Luckily upon a closer look the build quality did however live up to expectations. After a very mixed few months of game play I can report very good things.

My specific model is as follows:

  • INFERNO Gen 2
  • Billet Upper Receiver
  • Billet Lower Receiver
  • Op. Pressure Range: 80-140psi
  • Invictus M-LOK Rail
  • Empty Mag Detection
  • Advanced Feed Tube
  • Standard spartan non water proof electrics
  • Standard polymer hop unit

Having spent nothing extra on options mainly because I wanted to see how it goes and if it performed like Wolverine said it does.

Having switched from what I call THPA (Tippmann HPA) which runs at about 800 psi plus to HPA between 100 and 200 psi plus, I quickly noticed some differences.

  • With the lack of blowback system compared to the Tippmann the Wolverine was incredibly quiet
  • As the working pressures are a lot lower in the Wolverine it lasts a lot longer too, the tank can get as low as 100-150 psi and still has enough to fire the gun. Where as the Tippmann would start to play up at about 900psi.
  • Airlines for the Tippman are much thicker and stiffer making threading it through kit and general ergonomics more difficult.

Back to the long term review of my Wolverine which has been nothing short of fantastic.

I used the Wolverine for about 6 months stock black with some basic add ons to get used t it.

I was sceptical as it’s such a short rifle but the range as you can see from the videos on my Youtube channel show how effective it really is. Once I was happy and settled in skirmishing it in CQB, woodland, wet, cold and humid I decided to invest a bit more into it.

I took the plunge spraying it as it was in no doubt I would ever sell it. I opted for a generic olive/brown top coat with an undercoat of khaki. Something i’ve used a lot in the past and which works well in most places. If you’r unsure how to spray a gun see my quick tutorial in real time here How to spray a gun in 15 min real time

The only thing I changed with 8 months of hard use and 15,000 rounds plus is the go pro mount as I switched to a different session camera from a Polaroid gun cam which kept loosing power. To cope with the power usage I removed the torch and added a power bank as you can see on the RHS of the gun.

But in that time I have never thought about changing or adjusting any of the internals, hop or how the gun works. I use a fabric tape on the hand grip something I’ve always done on all weapons while serving.

I know many complain about the cheap stock but as it has no bearing on recoil control or need to be anywhere near the shoulder, I don’t care much at all. I think I might add another light back onto it and maybe remove the fore grip to allow a better feel when operating the light but thats splitting hairs.

Lets talk about cost comparison the Tippmann with 33ci air bottle and line cost £460 and the Wolverine cost £760 with the same size air bottle, line and regulator.

I could of bought the gun for just over £600 but I would still need a regulator and new line, so as I was selling my Tippmann it made sense to get it as a bundle. It’s difficult to compare the two guns as their both so very different, cheaper donor guns with a Polarstar thrown in are not quite the same either.

When I compared the costs I found out that with a donor gun I liked and Polarstar the cost wasn’t far off the already built Wolverine. I wanted an all metal construction small 7inch barrel which limited the options back to the Wolverine.

So lets go straight to the negatives

  • Initial cost looks expensive until you add up other options
  • If you like an expensive box or grand opening you wont get that with a Wolverine but I think they have reviewed this recently – see my unboxing vid here
  • Fore grip area under the front rail is a very short MLOK section and the smallest 3 slot rail doesn’t fit due to the angle of the bends (see below) hence the custom grip

Now lets end on a high the good bits

  • Build quality is very high as its all designed together nothing is compromised, sturdy and incredibly reliable
  • After sales is great I had a dodgy mag that came with the gun and they replaced it very quickly even here in the UK through High Pressure Airsoft
  • Quiet and used with a working suppressor it’s very quiet almost silent
  • Out of the box pretty much perfect I would change nothing and certainly not going to chase the hop like many do

It’s been a blast literally over the last 10 months with the MTW and i’ve recommended them to anyone, the only actual gun thats properly sorted out of the box.

Check back in over the next 12 months to see how it’s getting on and if I add more to the family.

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