Hells Airsoft – Site Review

So Hell’s Airsoft is located in Derby just of the A50 with great access from either the M6 or M1. The site is located on a farm with good ample parking and overflow for the busy days.

Safety Brief

The brief was well conducted with a video to ensure nothing is left out and finished off with some extra details specific to the skirmish. For example our evening activities had the limitation of no full auto at all. This was fine with many but I did notice they do have full auto nights, which given the size of the site would be quite painful.

I did however think that while full auto was not allowed, shotguns firing multiple rounds were somehow fine?


The site has good parking out of the front of the barn where the shop and arena is located. The arena is inside an old barn which is completely covered from the elements outside. This is a real plus as the site can be used day or night, in any weather in a repeatable atmosphere. The floor was interesting with recycles rubber chipping’s offering a soft base under foot but a lot of dust was kicked up through out the evening.

Site map showing the rough layout of CQB buildings of Hell’s Airsoft

The site has a heady mix of small tight dark rooms and strategic buildings all used in different scenarios, a few of which you can see in the accompanying game footage.

Some of the games played on the day were grab the cash where teams had to find bags of cash around the site and take them back to their bank. Winners were the team with the most cash found.

Another interesting game was all players had a card and when hit the opposing players had 20 seconds to take the card off the dead player. Each card was worth a point and forced them to push a little too far each time for a card, really worked for players working together.

Take and hold buildings with your team markers like capture the flag on multiplayer games, worked well and provided good objectives with simple coloured paper.

The only criticism is the layout in many areas didn’t promote fire and manoeuvre to take ground as there was just too many fire positions from other angles so your always going to get hit. But it’s CQB and such a fast paced small environment is what happens and a meat grinder.

Every game had mood lighting and I hope you can hear the movie inspired background noises which really adds to the experience and atmosphere.

Staff and players

The staff were very good with clear game instructions and interestingly they tested new players on a regular basis with test shots but didn’t see any tests for regular players. This became more apparent when some of the regular players who had nicknames for cheating played up to them not taking hits. I think this was two fold in being allowed to get away with it, if you weren’t using tracers against those players they were discarding some of the hits. Don’t believe me take a look at the game footage and come to your own conclusions the 2 other respectable players I went with had the same issues.

We also had a re spawn camper who on a few occasions camped in our respawn, it took us to speak to the marshal who was also there to have a word. A bit weird but we got on with it.

My night finished with full load of shotgun in the face at point blank when entering a room, Nuprol mesh saved the day although some bits went in my eye. I quickly went back to the safe zone to check and wash my eye, I put that down to an occupational hazard air airsoft and don’t hold a grudge. But when the firer aimed that high on purpose to me and the next entrant into the room who also left the game, he said nothing that’s what angers me.

Site verdict

Well the site is unusual in a good way with the use of the barn and game styles, but because of that it is fast paced with quick turnarounds from shot to respawn. Well stocked shop with rentals and ammo etc much to the expectation now days. Marshals game briefs clear but subject calls towards some regular players, getting away with hits and campers.

The only criticism of the layout is that due to the many corners and building inside of the site it’s not quite as flowing for fire and manoeuvre as some other CQB sites, due to that one spawn end is better then the other and offer a superior advantage.

Cost is on the cheaper side

  • Evening £15
  • Full day £30
  • Rentals £10 with only 1 mag of rounds

Adventure Airsoft rating of 7/10

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