Carrier Tips & Tricks

I’m very specific about how I do a magazine change and how I store them. I start with 5 full magazine’s across the front of my vest/plate carrier and if i’m using a cut down belt kit, I always ensure when loaded I always have an empty slot. The empty slot is always there for an empty mag to go back in after a mag change.

If anything while serving has taught me it’s having somewhere to put magazines when unloading, nothing is worse than fumbling with a random mag when unloaded. Although I’ve tested dump bags and done the mag drop it always leaves you with another problem to sort out when you need to be as efficient as possible.

The video above explains why I do what I do among other tips so check it out.

Simple steps

  • Deal with one mag at a time during the unload
  • Unload to a spare empty slot
  • Reload with a fresh mag
  • Account for ammunition and mags with a system

My system for accounting for rounds, mags is no secret and was taught to me in basic training. We were taught to have mags upside down, which later changed when open pouches and plate carriers were introduced. It prevented dislodging rounds leaving them in your pouch and water ingress into steel magazines which rusted causing stoppages but new loadouts forced a change. The introduction of new plate carriers with more open pouches and polymer magazines allowed a new wave of personal tactics to be taken up. But never mind it works well for Airsoft and it works like this.

What I call the spine of the magazine which is highlighted above is what I use to tell me what state the magazine is in.

Quite simply if I unload a partially empty mag because I think I might need more rounds for a task, like assaulting a position or suppressing fire. I stow that mag with the spine facing my right hand side or the gun because i’m right handed. Any empty mags will face away from me and the gun so I know they’re empty.

If I was to look down at my rig it looks like this spines on the right mean good to go, spines away no go. This quick method allows a quick indication of three mags ready to use, even if I have partial mags it ensures no rounds are wasted being tucked away in a dump bag.

Have a go and let me know your thoughts.

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