My Airsoft reboot

If you don’t know I played Airsoft before a bit but not for many years and it wasn’t really with civilians at the time. What I mean is back in 2004-5 when I was serving in The Queens Royal Lancers we were going through a period of intensive re role training. The regiment was re rolling from 70 ton Main Battle tanks into a 6 ton Formation Reconnaissance role Scimitar vehicles, essentially going from a front line to behind enemy lines gathering intelligence.

To hone our infantry/Reconnaissance skills quicker myself and a few others when not busy in the evenings would take part in our local Airsoft site mid week, which was very quiet back then and only made up of us. This went on for a year or two and really helped with the transition, so much that we relished our new role and pushed for more specialised Reconnaissance role.

It’s true going from fat tankies to an infinitely more deployable reaction force was difficult but Airsoft made it a lot easier and fun. It’s a shame the MOD doesn’t use it more in non lethal training to exploit the advantages but anyway that not to discus here.

Much more recently I re-booted my Airsoft Adventures early 2020 after many months, no years of requests to do so. I’m based in the North West specifically Cheshire which is a real hot spot for Airsoft with no fewer than 10 sites within a 30 mile radius. Now way before that I started documenting my sons Radio Control car crawling Adventures on Youtube.

Although i’m not amazing at it I enjoy editing my sons videos, I thought i’d do the same for Airsoft and carry on the Adventure theme. As Airsoft has changed significantly over the years since I last took part the locations, weapons and game plays are a new Adventure to me.

The crude video of the start of my journey can be seen below but I quickly put my own spin on with my kit. Even the first game back my kit was as I was taught all those years ago an extension of me.

My first weapons were well used but were a good representation of where I came from.

Starting gun was a G&G G26 which is a subtly different version of the iconic combat machine. All plastic but it did the job as I swapped an RC car for both rifle and pistol.

The pistol is coincidentally one that I last used when serving the equally iconic Sig Sauer P226 made by Tokyo Marui. Immensely capable efficient and reliable with un paralleled comfort.

My loadout was for the mean time complete looking and feeling the part for my first few foray into battle.

A more detailed kit list with description on why I use it is available on the site with links to the current line up.

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